Maths by Month – June

Maths by Month – June

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The summer holidays are in sight!

In this June overview for Operation Maths users, there are links to topic-specific posts and articles, as well as a whole host of extra suggestions, links etc. To ensure you don’t miss out on any future Maths by Month blog-posts, please subscribe to the blog via email, on the top right hand of this page.

Pssst! Book lists not finalised yet? Please consider Operation MathsNumber Facts, Bua na Cainte & Exploring Spelling. Click on the links for more information and to view sample pages from each program and/or contact your local Edco reps for samples.

Operation Maths Jr Infs to 2nd classes:

  • Junior Infants will be reinforcing their understanding of the numbers 0-5 via the topic of money
  • Senior Infants will continue to consolidate their understanding of the numbers to 10, via combining and partitioning activities (including the use of the Operation Maths ten frames), solving problems using the number line and representing and interpreting data in a block graph. The children will be exploring patterns to discover different arrays of the same number, patterns with colour and numbers and odd and even numbers. They are also learning to read time in one-hour intervals.
  • First Classes will be exploring Weight , re-visiting Patterns as well as exploring 3-D objects and, in particular, will be connecting their understanding of 3-D objects to their understanding of 2-D shapes.
  • Second Classes will be extending their ability to read, write and order numerals to 199, whereby they will also be exploring their understanding of place value. They will also be introduced to Area for the first time. Towards the end of the month, as part of spatial awareness, they will revisit the half turns and quarter turns that they originally met as part of Lines and Angles 

(click on any of the links above for more information)

Operation Maths users can also access a class specific, month-by-month list of relevant links and online resources via the Weblinks document, accessible on 

  1. Log into your edcolearning account
  2. Click on the At School Book for your class level.
  3. Click on the Edco Resources icon (on book cover image on left-hand side)
  4. Select Weblinks from list of categories and then click to download the document.

Also accessible on  are the custom-made digital resources to support these topics. These will all be viewable when you click on the Edco Resources icon as directed above.



Operation Maths 3rd to 6th classes:

Operation Maths 3-6 is specifically structured so that the programme can be completed by the end of May, thus covering all of the topics in advance of the standardised testing.

So you might find yourself looking for inspiration to fill the maths lessons from now until the end of month. Whether you’re an Operation Maths user or not, there are a whole suite of suitable ideas on this blog post.

Are you an Operation Maths user? What do you like about the programme? What suggestion do have for how it might be improved? We’d love to hear your views! Please leave a comment on this Facebook post

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